"Charles Leatherland was part of Labour's history and heritage and a hero ... he was a prolific pamphleteer and played a significant part between the wars in the battle of ideas, being a head office man and right in the middle of things - in the lobby of the House of Commons .... he was something of a legend in his own lifetime, loved by his fellow peers."

The Independent, Obituary, December 1992


"Soldier, journalist and local government expert, who helped to found Essex University ...... believed to have been the youngest company sergeant major in the first world war ..... one of the oldest members of the House of Lords"

The Times Obituary, December  1992



"Long before I left school at 14, I had worked in all sorts of jobs. Before I went to school I delivered newspapers and cleaned and polished and swept snow. I did golf caddying and worked in a chemist's shop scrubbing floors. Before I left school at 14 I had taught myself shorthand and typing." 

CE Leatherland war memoirs 1977)


"For the whole of the postwar period, he was a leading figure in the social and political life of Essex ... in the 1950s and 1960s ,a combination of council opportunities with his journalistic skills made him one of the most valuable practioners of socialism and advocates of social aspirations in the land"

The Guardian, Obituary, December 1992




"The years 1930 to 1950 will always remain the most warmly cherished period of his life. It was spent in merry serenity watching his family grow up at their Old Rectory home"

Times & West Essex Star, December 1964


"My mother was a blacksmith's daughter. She died I am sad to say when she was only 34"

Lord Leatherland speech on his 90th birthday